Gorgeous braids for Spring

When thinking of spring hairstyles, nothing is more chic and feminine than a braid. Also, a braid it’s really simple to achieve, and it’s a great way to pull all of your hair off of your face or to add a flirty touch to your everyday style.

You will look so charming when styling your hair into the braided style. Here are the coolest spring hairstyles with braids we have chosen for you:

  1. Double Dutch braid

It’s easier than you think. You must simply part your hair in the middle like how you would make pigtails and then do a double Dutch braid on each side. That’s it! Simple, cute and so stylish for springtime. Admit it! You love it!

  1. Half up French braid crown – fancy, yet casual

With this gorgeous hairstyle you will unleash the spring princess in you. This kind of hairstyle is so delicate and feminine and will look awesome with your flower-printed spring dress. How to do it: start sectioning your hair into two and work on the bottom section first. Use a curling iron to create some loose waves and then start doing a French braid on the top section of hair. After you’ve made the braids clip them together at the back to create a halo.

  1. Half-up -Half-down Pull-Through Braid

This hairstyle looks amazing when going out with friends or a walk in the park. More, if you want a boho look this is the perfect hairstyle to do it. It may seem complicated but it’s really simple to create it. You can pair it with some nude lips and you’re out the door.

  1. Halo braid

The halo braid it’s perfect if you have medium to long hair, and it’s especially stunning with highlighted or ombre-colored hair.  Being one of those hairstyles that has a timeless elegance, makes it perfect for special occasions.

  1. The flower braid

There’s no better style for your spring hair than one with a flower in it. Bloom this season with this super sweet spring braids. It’s super soft and feminine and will make you feel like a princess wearing it.

Is there anything as magical as a braided hairstyle? Try these braided hairstyles and get ready for a whole lot of totally perfect hair days.