Most of the men don’t really bother with choosing a certain type of swimwear, they just choose something that fits and looks decent enough. But for the men out there, there are some types of swimwear that you can choose from, and most of them have certain things about them.

So, as in the case of women swimwear, we’ve put together a list of swimwear items definitions for men, so you know what to buy in the future.

Swim briefs – those are also know as speedos, bathers or racing briefs, being the type of swimsuit worn by men for centuries, specially in swiming competitions. The original ones were made wool and held in place with a canvas belt at the waist. But that was back in 1930. However, time move on an in the 50’s a new type of material entered the stage: nylon. The first nylon version of briefs was worn on 1956 Olympics. Since then, they were made from a nylon and spandex and polyester. You can find different styles, from a full seat to thong or g-strings.

Trunks – or simple swim shorts are a loose, mid-thigh swimwear made from polyester or nylon, being popularised in the 90’s by beach shows like Baywatch. They are a little shorter than boardshorts and longer than boxer shorts.

Square cut swim trunks – similar to swim briefs but with a boxer briefs style, made from nylon or spandex composite.

Jammers – This type of swimwear is worn mostly by competitive athletes and they are similar to cycling or compression shorts. They are made from nylon and lycra/spandex material, with a form fitting design to reduce water resistance. Jammers provide a good leg coverage, making them easier to go through the water, hence is prefered by swimmers.

So, those are the types of swimwear that you can use if you are a men. Depends a lot on what you are using them 🙂