While most of you won’t pay a lot of attention on the swimwear you wear, it’s important to know what kind of options are on the market to fit you preferences. So we’ve put together a list of swimwear items definitions, so you know what to buy in the future.


One-piece swimsuit – the common swimsuit, also know as maillot (from the french) or tank suit, being the mainstrem article of clothing and it comes from the term swimming tank, an old term for swimming pool. It’s the classic swimsuit pice that covers the women body.

Bikini – in this kind of swimsuit, one piece covers the breasts and other the groin area, leaving the space between those uncovered. There are a lot of bikini types available. Like…

Microkini – it’s a narrow type of bikini, for those who want to shop a little bit more. Of course, with all the variations like minikini, minimini or tear-drop.

Tankini – tankini it’s a combination from a tank top and a monokini, or similar variation that cover the breasts, stomach, crotch and buttocks, leaving just a small space in between the belly and the hips.

Monokini – the one piece swimsuit cover the groin area and it’s commonly known as the topless swimsuit. You figure out why it’s called like that..

Trikini – The trikini is composed of a bikini bottom with stringer halter and two triangular pieces of clothings covering the breasts.

Burqini – it’s not a thing that most of the women wear, being popular in Islamic countries for religion reasons, it’s a swimsuit that covers the whole body and head, leaving only the face exposed, very similar to a diver’s wet suit.

Anythings else missing from this list ? Let us know by replying to this post and we’ll make sure to answer and update the article as soon as we have the information.