Mix and match leggings with dresses!

Now that the summer is here, you don’t need to put the leggings away! Bring those cute summer dresses out and wear them with leggings! Keep reading and find out how to style them!

For the beginning of the summer, when the days are not that hot, we suggest you to try an unusual combo between a cute summer dress and a pair of leggings. The most common dress you could wear is a loose fit dress in one color. A black dress might be appropriate if you are not a color-person. To balance the outfit out go for some leggings with a print. A geometrical or a floral one will even out the entire look. To take this outfit more into the summer zone add a pair of cute silver sandals. They work great with any colors you would be wearing.

If you are more daring, go for a bright and colorful pair of leggings. Some playful unicorns, shiny rainbows or pink cactus can take any outfit out of its comfort zone. You have to pay attention what you’re styling them with. To be sure you won’t look ridiculous, go for a simple dress, preferably in one color. The footwear will pop-out if you go for some sparkly summer boots or metallic sandals.

An outfit which won’t put you in the spotlight but at the same time you’ll still look classy and clean is made out of a simple summer dress and a pair of black leggings. Accessorize with some matching sandals and a shoulder bag. This is a perfect outfit for a shopping day because the items are easy to take off and try on new clothes.

If you have a voluptuous silhouette the black leggings are your best friends. They make you look skinnier. Pair them with a feminine white dress with ruffles which will add a summer vibe to your outfit. Go for a cross-body bag and a pair of platform sandals and you got your outfit of the day. Keep in mind that the black color always makes you look slimmer and the white widens up the proportions! Choose the right color for you!

We advise you on how to wear summer dresses with leggings and look fabulous. This is perfect if you want a relaxed and comfortable outfit or if you are a mommy in the go!