No matter if you are going to prom or maybe you are invited to a wedding, the one shoulder dress could be your best choice. This sophisticated dress can be slenderizing and sleek. Yet, despite this dress is for every body figure and all women love it, sometimes it can be hard to accessorize. In fact, some fashion stylists recommend not wearing any statement accessories with the one shoulder dress. But, we say that the right accessories will bring out the beauty of the dress.

What jewelry goes with one shoulder dress? Tips & tricks

  1. Choker – this type of necklace will not interfere with the neckline; you can choose a glamorous choker that has diamonds or pearls; it works best with women that have slender necks;
  2. Long necklace – this necklace will bring the attention to your upper body; choose one that is feminine, delicate and made from silver or gold;
  3. Arm cuff- if you want an exotic look you can wear an arm cuff;
  4. Dangle earrings – this type of earrings are perfect for elegant one shoulder dresses;
  5. Additional jewelry – you can wear also bracelets or rings, but try not to overwhelm the outfit;

Now that you know what jewelry you can wear with the one shoulder dress, it’s also important what not to wear.

  1. Chunky necklaces – they are not elegant and classic like the dress;
  2. Wooden bracelets – this type of bracelet is casual and more suited for modern looks;
  3. Big pendants – a necklace with a big pendant will take away the attention from the beauty of the dress;
  4. Medium length necklace – your look will not be balanced;

What jewelry goes with one shoulder dress may be hard to know. There are many options, but be really careful what you choose. If you really want to wear jewelry with your dress, you can find the right accessories. But, if you want a simpler look, you can totally skip the jewelry. Maybe opt just for a delicate ring and that’s all.

The one shoulder dress is an elegant dress that you can wear at various occasions! Pair it only with delicate jewelry and classic high-heels!