How short is a mini dress?

Once with the feminist movement in the 20th century, the women wanted to express their social status more and more and became more independent than ever. This thing was visible in every aspect of their lives.

We all know that there are three major dresses and skirts lengths: maxi, midi and mini. But the question is what length is a mini dress? The answer is that what is above the knee can be introduced in this category. There are see-through dresses, especially made of lace with a lining under it in order to make it not sheer. Usually there are a few centimeters between the length of the main material and the lining which allows some more legs to show, but without being inappropriate.

There are types of dresses so short that you have to be very careful when you’re wearing them, because doing a wrong move can reveal a lot. In order to prevent these kind of unpleasant and unwanted situations, some dresses have a special detail to them: the have like a pair of build-in shorts like a lining under the bottom part.

This can have a double role: first, it protects your privacy if you happen to make some uninspired moves when wearing the mini dress and second, it can be designed as a lining if the main material is too sheer.

A dress with a high-low bottom gives you two lengths in one. In the front part, you will have a shorter length than in the back and your legs will be the main attraction. If you want to wear a mini dress like this, but you still aren’t confident with your legs, choose a pair of gladiator sandals over the knee, or if the weather is chillier, go for an over-the-knee pair of velvet boots, now that they are really in this season. In this way, you’ll get the best of both worlds with the minimum effort!

We have already established what length is a mini dress and with some styling tips you can easily make any mini dress work for you. The best thing that a mini dress will offer you is that it exposes your legs in a feminine way and elongates your silhouette like no other dress.