Tips for a Perfect Weeding

The wrap dress is an iconic piece of clothing that was created by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg in the 70s. This dress is loved by all women and had such a big influence on the fashion scene that it’s displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Selecting the perfect dress for your bridesmaids can be a hard thing to do, that’s why we suggest you take your entire attention to the wrap dress. It’s considered to be one of the most flattering pieces of clothing ever. It has a feminine and stylish vibe, which makes it perfect for your wedding.

Advice on how to choose the perfect wrap dress for bridesmaids:

  • Don’t wait until last minute to choose their dress, instead, we recommend you that your bridesmaids get their outfits sorted five, six months prior to your wedding.
  • Select a color, fabric and style and let the bridesmaids choose the rest.
  • The dresses can have different necklines and lengths, so in this way everyone will have the opportunity to look flattering and beautiful.
  • Think of dresses that look good in person, but also think how they will look in your photos.
  • The goal is that every girl will feel part of the group and all of them will look fabulous and stylish.

Choose wrap dress in an interesting pattern such as a subtle floral. After you know the basic pattern, you can build on the design with other complementary colors.

Take into consideration the time of the year. For a fall wedding, jewels tones and darker hues will be more appropriate, while for summer you can play with soft patterns and light colors.

Remember that this is your wedding day and the most important thing is for you to be happy. Don’t put extra pressure on your bridesmaids; instead, opt for a relaxed and calm attitude. It’s important to keep and open mind, be understating, and know that the bridesmaids are here to work with your creativity and vision.

The wrap dress for bridesmaids is a great choice especially if you will have a retro inspired wedding. This type of dress looks good on every body type and is very stylish. Be supportive with your bridesmaids and always opt for chic and feminine dresses!