A casual and comfortable dress

You might be familiar with a regular a-line dress and most probably you already have at least one in your wardrobe. If you look for a specific element like an empire waist to make it stand out, we’ll guarantee it will make a difference.

An empire waist is situated right under the bust and from there on, the bottom part drops down in a flowy style all the way down, or depending on how long the dress is. This feature has the advantage that it beautifully separates your bust from the rest of the silhouette, drawing all the attention to it. If you choose a style with a print on the top part or with some cute detailing, the effect will be even stronger. A combination between prints and textures will take a dress like this into a casual comfortable zone which is perfect for a day out with the girls.

Floral prints and patterns are really in this season so you have to take advantage and get yourself a printed a-line dress with empire waist. Some a-line dresses are more or less flared at the bottom part, depending on the style, but you are free to choose whatever suits your style and personality. Look for a dress with a deep v-neck which comes close to the high waist so it will create a unique effect which will emphasize your bust and make it look bigger!

If you are not a fan of deep neck lines go for a button-up style. Usually, the empire waist dress has a well-marked waistline through a tight strip of fabric which follows the line of the breasts most of the times. A medium length dress combined with the collar of the button-up top will give you that good girl vibe but you can take it to a playful zone if you pick a colorful and happy print; flowers and plaids are really hot patterns this season!

The a-line dress with empire waist can be found in so many combinations and styles so it is pretty impossible not to find the perfect match for you and your tastes!