Cotton leggings should be part of every woman’s wardrobe, but it’s also very important to know how to properly wear them. Leggings can mostly be a part of a layered outfit, and you should never confuse leggings with pants. Sometimes, it can be hard to pull off a stylish outfit with leggings, but by choosing the right clothing, shoes, and accessories you will definitely have a great look.

When you buy a new pair of cotton leggings, you need to choose the perfect size for you. Don’t opt for a pair that is too loose or too tight – instead, make sure that they feel comfortable and flatter your body. You need to look good, but also to have a cozy and relaxed outfit.

If you would like to wear leggings as pants, you always need to pair them with a long shirt, t-shirt or jacket. No matter what top do you choose, it should be below the butt. You can also wear cotton leggings with skirts, dresses, and even shorts. They are super versatile and look good with various clothes.

Be careful what type of shoes do you choose when you wear cotton leggings. They mostly look good with high-knee boots, ankle boots, sneakers, ballet flats, flip-flops, and sandals. If you like to wear high-heels, make sure that the outfit is no exaggerated because leggings are more casual items. Just add a glam item that complements the entire outfit.

Cotton leggings may be your favorite but after you wash them many times, they may go saggy. When you notice that this happens, it’s better to buy a new pair, and save those old leggings for weekend outfits when you stay at your home and you want to feel comfortable.

It’s important to know the difference between leggings and jeggings, so you don’t confuse them. Jeggings are usually something between jeans and leggings and you can also wear them as pants. They are really tight on the body so we think they are not appropriate for everyone. Instead, leggings can be a great choice for every body type because you can layer your outfit in various ways so you will look amazing. Don’t wear them as pants!