A lightweight and stylish piece!

Linen is definitely one of those materials which you don’t see everywhere and this is what makes it even more wearable: you’ll have a unique and statement piece which will draw all the attention!

Some of the most common pieces made out of this material are linen pants for women. They are a great choice for those days when you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Having a natural blend, linen keeps you cool during the hot summer days and your skin won’t feel sweaty and sticky. The most popular and easy to wear pieces are the white linen pants for women. Being a natural material it doesn’t have any stretch to it which is the reason why you’ll see most of them having a loose fit. Some of them have an elastic waist but there are classic styles with a zipper like any other pair of pants.

If you are not a big fan of light colors, you should know that there are available even darker linen pants. Navy blue, green and even black are your alternatives to the light washes or you can choose a printed style. Linen pants for women don’t have so spectacular prints like flowers or animal prints but more minimalist ones like stripes or dots, or a combination between the two. Having such a low profile regarding the pattern, you can play with the rest of the elements in order to create a great outfit.

One of the biggest disadvantages of linen pants for women is that they get wrinkly really easy, but after all that’s part of their magic. Being a natural fabric you can put together really nice, boho-inspired outfits next to a tunic or a white shirt. Fringed accessories and flat leather sandals can help you complete a bohemian look perfect for a summer festival or even for a lunch with your friends. You can also make great combinations with a denim button-up shirt or a cotton blouse.

From straight cut to flare, linen pants for women are versatile and stylish pieces worth having in your wardrobe for the hot season!