When it comes to formal wear, choosing the right clothes for men is just as difficult as for women. An elegant suit is the most common choice but the truth is that tuxedos are just as appropriate. Tuxedos are though more elegant. This is why you should carefully choose where you can wear a tuxedo. Generally, you can wear it at a wedding, but not to all the weddings. As a general rule, tuxedos are appropriate only for formal events. If you are not a TV host, you can wear a tuxedo at the opera, at a gala or at any other formal event that takes place in the evening. These are the basic rules.

How to choose the right tuxedo?

The quality of the fabric and of the seams is very important this is why if you cannot afford a great tuxedo it is better to rent one. Not only the quality of the tuxedo is important, but also the quality of the shirt. Tuxedos are worn with a bow tie, so make choose it is also perfect.

Even if the tuxedos are perfect for weddings, sometimes it is better to wear suits. If the wedding takes place during the day, you should choose an elegant suit. If you are the best man, you can wear a tuxedo though. Even if tuxedos are perfect for all sorts of galas, if on the invitation it is not specified you should wear a tuxedo, you should choose a suit.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on what to wear on formal events, no matter that you are a man or a woman. A tuxedo will always offer you an air of elegance. But, with an elegant suit you will never go wrong. As a general advice, an elegant suit should never miss from your wardrobe. But, if you also have a tuxedo, you will always be ready to participate on all sorts of formal events. Since they are so elegant, it is preferable to leave the washing and the ironing of the tuxedo to the professionals.