A short coat represents for a woman a pretty cool and trendy staple during cold season. This versatile piece can look awesome with completely everything in your closet and will definitely elongate your body.

Even if you think that this piece of clothing is not ideal during winter, because will not keep you as warm as a long coat will, it can totally be a great piece if you know how to style it, for example with long, oversized sweaters.

Personally, we think that short coats can be as functional as our beloved long coats.

How to deal with short coats for women? How to wear them?

Because sometimes a short coat can make your body look disproportionately on top, there is a way to create balance. It is perfectly acceptable to have the top peeking out from underneath the coat. Opt for a neutral colored short coat and style it with a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater. Choose pink for the sweater to bring a fun factor in your outfit. Make sure that this proportion works!

You can also wear your short coat with a loose blouse. Loose, flowy blouses can be fun and relaxed. Wear this combo with some flared jeans and a pair of leather booties. You can accessorize it with a statement necklace or with a knit scarf – any way will look cute and studied.

We love crewneck sweaters. They are cute and have the hidden power of making us wearing them all year round. If you want a polished look with this kind sweater and a short coat, try adding a collared shirt under your tight sweater. Skinny pants and high-heeled booties complete the look.

You can also wear the short coat with things like turtlenecks, oversized sweaters, shirts, mohair socks, warm, velvet pants or jeans. The possibilities are endless. You just need to know how to create ensembles that will put you into limelight.

Always choose an incredibly warm short coat – being frostbit is the least fashionable thing possible! And, of course, adore your coat choice – it should fit and sit comfortable, as well as flatter your figure.